Family Information

Mr. Govinda Raj Joshi, son of Padam Raj Joshi and Radha Kumari Joshi , born in Khalte Rupakot VDC Tanahun and Mrs. Him Kumari Joshi have two sons Deepak Raj Joshi, Dinesh Raj Joshee and one daughter Rama Bhattarai . The elder son Deepak Raj Joshi is in the USA and the other one Dinesh Raj Joshee is in Australia and have finished their studies and are working in private company in USA and Australia.  Deepak Raj Joshi  is is back in Nepal for good.  Padam Raj Joshi and Radha Kumari Joshi have three sons Madhav Raj Joshi, Govinda Raj Joshi and Bishwa Kamal Joshi and five daughters Kiran Kumari panday, Rameswori Tiwari , Subhadra Tripathi, Sita Joshi and Dev KumariTiwari .

Father Padam Raj Joshi and mother Radha Kumari Joshi elder sister Kiran Kumari panday and younger sister Dev Kumary Tiwari and younger brother Bishwa kamal Joshi have already been passed way. Madhav Raj Joshi has two sons Ramesh Raj Joshi and Bijaya Raj Joshi and four daughters Rita, Anita, Pramitaand Sangita.  Dinesh married Rachhya.  Deeva and Deeti are two daughters from Dinesh. Rama Bhattarai has three daughters Shruti, Sumita, and Suniva. This is all about the Joshi’s family.

Personal Information

Joshi born in the year 1949 at Khalte in Rupakot Village Development Committee of Tanahun district, Nepal, Govinda Raj Joshi is an MA (Political Science), BL and BEd. His step into the field of politics dates back to the year 1964 when Joshi had just begun his student life. Joshi who regards late BP Koirala as his ideal was the president of free student union (College of Education) and Gandaki Student Council in 1967. Joshi was a member of Tarun Dal, the youth wing of Nepali Congress Party, in the year 1969 in Tanahun district, He formed the Nepali Congress Tanahun district committee and was the secretary of Nepali Congress, Tanahun, in 2033,He was the secretary of multiparty campaign committee of Nepali Congress Party in 1979, He was the vice- president of Nepali Congress Party, Tanahun district and eventually made it to the central committee member of the party in the year 1997. Likewise, Mr. Joshi was elected as the central committee member of the party in the year 2000. Twice a central committee member; Mr. Joshi has already held the post of a joint general secretary of the party. He actively worked as a coordinator while the construction of the Nepali Congress Party Building was underway at Sanepa, Lalitpur. Joshi who started his career as a teacher was also the founder of Tribhuwan High School, Tanahu district.

He was the founder headmaster of the school and taught at the very school for six years as a volunteer and spent his personal money to establish a high school in his own village

Later on, he was the headmaster of Shiva Secondary School Rising and also the founder of Adikabi Bhanubhakta Multiple College, Tanahun. He taught at the very college for two years as a volunteer. A student of Law, Mr. Joshi also practiced for 12 years and was also president of Nepal Bar tanahun and vice president of Nepal bar western regional court Pokhara and associated with Nepal Bar Association and Amnesty International. Mr. Joshi was jailed at the inception of Nepal Student Union in the year 2027 and He was imprisoned for the first time in 2023vs. During the course of the struggle carried out by Nepali Congress Party for the restoration of Democracy, Joshi was jailed on and off for a total length of 3 and a half years. Joshi was elected as a member of the Nepalese parliament in the parliamentary elections held in the years 1991, 1994 and 1991. Mr. Joshi also worked as a CWC  member of Nepali Congress Party.

A chief whip of the party in the parliament in the year 1991. Mr. Joshi also held several important portfolios in the governments formed by Nepali Congress Party in different years: Minister for Education, Culture and Social Welfare (1991-1994), Education Minister (1995-1996), Home Minister (1998), Home and General Administration Minister (2055), Minister for Water Resource (1999), Home Minister again in 2057, Minister for Local Development and later Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (2001).Mr. Joshi has already served as presidents in different unions, as the chairman of Nepal Olympic Committee and has worked as the chairperson of Nepal National Commission and Education Improvement Commission for UNESCO.Mr.

 Joshi s publication is Mera Anubhatiharu Part one Mera Anubhatiharu Part TwoMera Anubhatiharu Part Three Sabdachitrama Nepal Nepali Congress (Bigat, Bartaman ra Bhabisya)Nepalma Shanghiya Shasan Pranali)Mr. Joshi has visited India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, China, North Korea, South Korea, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Japan and Canada. He has headed the Nepali delegations in various seminars, conventions and conferences conducted both home and abroad.Mr. Joshi took part in the people’s movement after the royal takeover in 2002. Being all senior leader in prison he as a joint general secretary of the Nepali Congress was the one to announce stiff protest programs from Nepali Congress Party side. Mr. Joshi, who was the one to design the basic concept of five-party alliance, was also the one to go to Delhi to formally initiate the talks with the Maoists.

The role he played during the splitting up of Nepali Congress Party and the construction of the party office building is still exalted by everyone. He has represented from Tanahun district in all the parliamentary elections held after the restoration of democracy in 1989. He is also portrayed as the potential leader of the party.